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Our products are available at well-equipped car part dealers, motorcycle dealers and commercial vehicle dealers.

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Oljebaren began with Gulf products in 2006 and has since expanded the product range primarily with lighting products like HID Xenon and LED. We have increased our sales by over 100% each year and is today one of the largest in the business in the Nordic market.

We have our own import of products like HID Xenon and LED directly from manufacturers in Asia, during high season we get delivery each week. The delivery time for orders is two weeks, it may be helpful to know if you have special request so you can have your delivery at your place of about 2.5 to 3 weeks.

The success we have achieved is thanks to good cooperation with some 100 dealers in the Nordic countries.

To be a good partner to you as a reseller, we have a large stock of goods for immediate delivery.

You can see our inventory on all products so you do not promise your customer anything that you can not keep.


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